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One day, after some 40+ exciting and rewarding years working in environmental science and assessment in consulting and government service, I realized retirement was coming.  I decided to approach this new phase of my life just the way I had approached new challenges during my career. Retirement would be another initiative, to be conceived, planned, developed and implemented like so many other projects and initiatives that had come before.  And so KWIKB was born!

KWIKB, which stands for “Knowledge, Words, Information, Kinetics and Business” would be a non-profit organization whose purpose would be to help people decide if they wanted a career in environmental science or engineering and then to help them develop a vision, pursue and realize that career.

To be sure there are extensive resources out there to help people find employment and manage their careers, including resources in universities, colleges, recruiting and placement services as well as numerous web based sources. All of these resources are available to help you write your resume, prepare for interviews, and find employment opportunities. KWIKB takes a different approach in that it provides insight to job seekers from an employer’s perspective. We hope to help you figure out how to find and land a job and how to manage your career. It should be helpful to job seekers and employees with all levels of experience. We do not provide advice, guidance or courses on how to do things. The real value that KWIKB does offer is a team of dedicated volunteers, with extensive experience, who can provide insight through our knowledge, wisdom, information and experience gained through decades of real working experience.

KWIKB operates on the principle of ‘pay it forward. Along the way some wonderful people have helped each of us in our careers. Now it is our turn to help you!  We can help by making articles available in variety of different media, such as newsletters, podcasts, videos and website. The content will be developed by a variety of volunteer authors. We think their contributions may assist you in finding that great job and then help you successfully manage your career once you get it. Currently a work in progress, our library will cover a broad range of topics on employment in the environmental field. The articles can serve as a basis for discussions.

We are looking for volunteers to write articles and help manage KWIKB. Please help by becoming a volunteer, writing articles or by becoming a corporate sponsor. At kwikb our vision is to build an enduring volunteer organization dedicated to helping people in environmental careers. One of our goals is to establish an annual scholarship for second and third year university and college students.

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J.E. (Ted) O'Neill, founder and President of KWIKB. Ted O’Neill, founder and President of KWIKB, has more than 40 years’ experience in environmental consulting and government service. In this first article he explains what the kwikb concept is all about.
J.E. (Ted) O’Neill, founder and President of KWIKB.  has more than 40 years’ experience in environmental consulting and government service. In this first article he explains what the kwikb concept is all about.