This is a pretty specific question and I assume you have gone through some sort of vision planning exercise and that you have a pretty good idea of what type of career you are looking for, where you want to work, etc.   In that case there are lots of ways to go about finding job opportunities.   This Government of Canada website lists a few ways of looking for jobs including researching potential employers (e.g., consulting companies).  They often post employment opportunities on their websites and you can often apply online or contact them directly.  You could attend ‘job fairs’ in your city or at your university/college.  Several employers will often be present and you can talk to them directly.  Go to the internet and newspapers and search for job opportunities in both the private and government sectors.  If you want you can use the services of an ’employment agency’ that will search jobs for you.  Finally, use your own personal contacts and ask them for job leads.

You might search for Canada’s top 100 employers and read about these companies and get information on employment opportunities.  Companies are always looking to hire new employees and it can be hard to find good ones.  Also look at various institutions, associations, etc. as sources of information and potential links.