KWIKB is Knowledge, Words, Information, Kinetics and Business.  It's your vision:create, pursue, realize.
KWIKB is Knowledge, Words, Information, Kinetics and Business. It’s your vision:create, pursue, realize.


Kwikb is a non-profit entity dedicated to helping people interested in a career in environmental science or engineering.   We provide access to  knowledge, information and insight from a team of talented and experienced volunteers who have a broad range of experience and skills.   Kwikb operates on the principle of ‘pay it forward’ .   We hope that we can assist you in finding that great job and then help you successfully manage your career.   Our volunteers have many decades of experience hiring people and managing environmental teams in government, consulting and industry.   Along the way some wonderful people have helped each of us in our careers.   Now it is our turn to help you!

Kwikb also has volunteers who are currently going through the job seeking process or have just landed their first job.  They bring a client or user perspective which is helping us make kwikb as useful as possible.

  • If you are still in school, looking for your first job, wanting to change your job – perhaps in a different sector, or perhaps looking to switch careers then kwikb will be of interest to you,
  • If you have a job and have questions or need information on career management then kwikb can help,
  • If you are employer looking to improve your hiring process and find the right persons then kwikb can help you.

And finally, you can help us to pay it forward by becoming a volunteer, wrting articles or by becoming a corporate sponsor.   At kwikb our vision is to build an enduring volunteer organization dedicated to helping people in environmental careers.   One of our goals is to establish an annual scholarship for second and third year university and college students.

We are just getting started!   Please stay tuned as we build the kwikb.com site.  We intend to populate the site with informative articles written by experienced professionals with extensive knowledge in hiring and managing people.   You can comment on the articles, ask questions and share your own experiences.  Currently we are looking at various software applications to host the site.

Oh yes, one more thing – kwikb stands for “Knowledge, Words, Information, Kinetics and Business” .  Our tag line is:

  • It’s your vision: create, pursue, realize”

You might be familiar with a conversation Alice had with the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland about where are you going.  George Harrison also expressed the concept very well in his song “Any Road”:

  • “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there!   Creating, Pursuing and Realizing Your Vision”

At kwikb we strive to help you with your  career in environmental science or engineering based on a concept of vision planning.   Jump in and have a look.


Ted O’Neill

President kwikb.com

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