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Ok, I’m interested.  What is this all about? Here are a few frequently asked questions.

What is KWIKB?

KWIKB is a non-profit entity dedicated to helping people interested in a career in environmental science or engineering.   We provide access to  knowledge, information and insight from a team of talented and experienced volunteers who have a broad range of experience and skills.   KWIKB operates on the principle of ‘pay it forward’ .   We hope that we can assist you in finding that great job and then help you successfully manage your career.   Our volunteers have many decades of experience hiring people and managing environmental teams in government, consulting and industry.   Along the way some wonderful people have helped each of us in our careers.   Now it is our turn to help you!

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Who would be interested in KWIKB?

Lots of people will be interested including:

  • Graduating or recently graduated students looking for their first job;
  • People already working but thinking of changing  jobs or even careers;
  • Employees looking to establish and pursue their careers;
  • Employers interested in supporting and finding great employees; and
  • Volunteers and sponsors who make KWIKB possible.

What will I find here?

KWIKB is developing a library of articles focused on helping people understand career choices in environmental science and engineering.  The articles are written by volunteers who have extensive experience in their fields.  Some are retired and some are working and at all stages of their careers.

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How do I access these articles?

You need an account and you need to be logged into it.  A Basic account is free and can be obtained by registering, which only takes a moment.

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