Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to the kwikb’s frequently asked questions.  Here you can get answers to a wide variety of questions job seekers will be interested in.

1.     How do I go about finding and landing a job in the environmental field?

Ok so you are looking for a job in the environmental field.    Where do I start?   There are lots of different approaches that are available to you.  For example, a lot will depend whether you are just finishing school and are looking for your first job, or perhaps you are already working and are looking for a change and a new job.  Perhaps you are already working in another field and are considering a change to the environmental field.  How do I start the process and what may work for me?  To find more information on this question you can read this article.

2.    Why kwikb and how can we help?

Well there are lots and lots of resources out there available to help you find and land a job.  Universities and colleges offer job hunting resources.  There are tons of resources on-line to help you with building your resume and preparing for a job interview, how to make contacts and use them and so on and so on.  Kwikb does not attempt to replace or duplicate these resources.  We recommend that explore and utilize those resources that appeal to you.  Kwikb takes a different approach.  We are focused on helping you HOW to find and land a job and later, once you have that job, we can help by providing guidance and advice to all levels of experience.  

Kwikb is a not-for-profit organization, which is developed, managed and implemented by a team of dedicated and talented volunteers who have hundreds of hours of combined experience.  As employers, or employees who have just gone through the job seeking process we have direct and highly relevant experience that should be of interest to you.  To find more information on this question you can read this article.

3.      What does a successful career look like for me?

If you could time travel 10, 20, 30 or even 40 years into the future and write a short story about your success career, what would you like that story to say about your career?   Would you measure your success in terms of your financial success, or would you describe important environmental policies that you helped to develop and implement?  Would you talk about your work in government and/or non-government organizations and how you made substantial contributions to protecting the environment or helping industries operate in an environmentally safe way?  Would you talk about how you started a successful consulting business or industry which provided jobs and helped the economy?  Would your focus on your family life and success outside of work and the great people that you worked with?  To find more information on this question you can read this article.

4.      What is ‘vision planning’ and why is it important?

Vision planning is a tool to help you create, pursue and realize your dream.  If you don’t know where you are going – any road will take you there.  To find out more about vision planning you can read this article.

5.     What, where, when, why and how?

Need help in creating a vision or plan for your career?  This article breaks it down and gives you a road map.  Read the article here.

6.     What are my personal goals?

Establishing broad goals that include your personal and work career are important.   Read the article here. 

7.     What are my priorities– family or career or both?

Under construction!

8.      Where do I want to work – office, laboratory, or field?

Under construction!

8.1   Office, laboratory, field or a combination?

Under construction!

8.2  Government, industry, academia or consulting?

Under construction!

8.4    Where do I want to live and work?

There are a lot of choices to be made.  For example, which city do I want to live in?  I am I willing to move?   What about living and working in another company, or spending a lot of time traveling?

Under construction!

9.     What is my schedule look like?

Under construction!

10.     What are the basic tools I can use to find a job?

Under construction!

11.     What about career mentoring once I find a job

That is a big topic by itself and will be given much greater treatment in the near future.

Under construction!