KWIKB is a volunteer and not-for-profit entity.  That means that we can only exist and make our knowledge, wisdom and experience available to the environmental science and engineering community through volunteers like you.   There are many ways that you can help.    I know your time is extremely valuable and so we only ask for what you can give.    This could be regular time once a month or once a week or perhaps input just once in a while.

There are many ‘job descriptions’ for our valued volunteers.  Please consider helping in any of the following areas.  Please note that these are strictly volunteer positions and we can offer no compensation, monetary or otherwise.   We are seeking about 15 volunteers to help.


In this role you will write short articles of approximately 500 to 1000 words on topics of interest to the kwikb audience.  You will have experience and knowledge on the topics that you write about.  Potential topics include career alternatives in environmental science and engineering,  working for government versus private sector employers, or how employers approach the job search.  There are literally hundreds of topics that you could chose.  Perhaps you will only write one article or you will author many.    To start with we have a list of articles that we urgently need completed.  In addition the kwikb audience (i.e., those considering an environmental career) will have the opportunity to suggest topics or ask questions.  There is no limit to the number of authors we can have but at this point, at the beginning of kwikb we are seeking six authors.


In the editor role you will review articles written by others and ensure that they meet our guidelines for publication, including accuracy, respecting copyright restrictions, information and quality.  We are seeking three editors.  You can be both an editor and an author, but you will not edit your own material.

Content Manager

In this very important role you will work with the editors and authors,  to determine, approve and prioritize the publication of  content at kwikb.   There is one position available.

Communications Manager

The Communications Manager is responsible for the determining and managing communication vehicles and media that kwikb will use to make ts information, knowledge and experience available to the kwikb audience.    This includes the kwikb.com website.  Other vehicles that may be implemented in the future are e-blasts, e-newsletters, audio podcasts,  youtube channel, Facebook, LinkedIN and Twitter accounts.  Important duties include determining what the website looks like and how it functions in order to provide a great experience for the kwikb audience. There is one position available.

Sponsorship Manager

An ultimate goal of kwikb is to provide an annual scholarship for a 2nd or 3rd year environmental science or engineering student.  Initially we envision that there will be at least one scholarship in the amount of about $2,500 CDN provided annually to a Canadian students.   In order to provide a scholarship it will be necessary for kwikb to make some regular, modest income.  Some of the income will be used to offset our modest operating costs, such as web hosting, tax preparation and other fees.   We anticipate that we will provide an income by obtaining corporate sponsors who would pay an annual subscription fee (e.g., in the order of $250).   The Sponsorship Manage will be responsible for determining and implementing, and subsequently managing an appropriate strategy  to provide a steady source of income. There is one position available.

User Managers

We need at least three “User Managers”.  The purpose of these positions is to provide the all important input of the needs of the kwikb audience or users.   This is divided into three categories as follows:

  1. Job Seekers (e.g., those considering a career, looking for their first job or looking to change a job or career);
  2. Career folks (e.g., those who already have a job but are looking to advance and manage their careers) and
  3. Employers/Sponsors (e.g., firms who are interested in finding new employees and who are willing to share their experience).

The strategy here is that no one knows what the customer needs better than the customer him/herself.   The roles of these positions are to help ensure that kwikb is responsive, relevant and meets the needs of its customers.

We hope that you will consider helping.  Please register for a volunteer role here.